Windows 10 upgrade free up to July 29th 2016

Windows 7 and 8.1 users can get a free upgrade to Windows 10 up to July 29, 2016.  Microsoft will offer Windows 10 Home for $119 after that date.

The upgrade can be downloaded from

Be certain to check the specifications to see if your Windows PC is eligible for the upgrade at

Apple Devices need latest update to fix Security flaw

Cisco’s Collective Security Intelligence ecosystem Talos has issued a release notifying Apple device users of a security risk.

A hacker could potentially create malware saved as a TIFF image file. Once the TIFF file is sent using using iMessage, the image is rendered automatically using default settings. This could cause the malware to execute without user intervention.

This applies to Apple devices with versions of iOS prior to version 9.3.3, and for OS X versions prior to El Capitan 10.11.6.

Instructions on how to update iPhones and other Apple devices can be found at:

Microsoft announces Professional Degree Program

Microsoft has announced a new Microsoft Professional Degree (MPD) program. A series of courses on Data Science are now available from The goal of these courses is to address the skills gap for data science job seekers. Current prices are $50 to $100 per course.

Some of the same course titles include:

Google Project Zero Team finds security vulnerabilities in Symantec / Norton products

The Project Zero team at Google has found many security vulnerabilities in multiple Symantec and Norton security products. These vulnerabilities may not require any user interaction, such as running a file or opening an email. Symantec recommends applying the required updates to the products included in their advisory as soon as possible.

Symantec has included a list of the affected products in this response: