Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – new and deprecated features

Some of the new features that are installed with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709 or build 16299) include:

  • Mixed Reality Viewer app
  • Ability to highlight or add notes to e-books in Microsoft Edge browser
  • Ability to dictate an email or message instead of typing it by pressing Windows key + H key
  • Add emojis by pressing Windows key + period key (.)
  • Windows Controlled Folder access can protect folders from viruses and ransomware.  Select Windows Key -> Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Defender- > Open Windows Defender Security Center -> Virus & threat protection -> Virus & threat protection settings -> Controlled folder access (set to On) -> Protected folders.
  • Android phone support (Windows key -> Settings -> Phone

A list of added features can be found at

Some features that were removed or deprecated include:

Deprecated Windows 10 Fall Creators Update features are found at