Apple iOS iPad iPhone Smartphones

Apple iOS 12.2 security updates

Apple released iOS 12.2 on March 25th 2019 to fix various security issues.  Instructions on how to update your iOS device may be found here.

Facebook Security

Facebook stored millions of unencrypted user passwords on internal servers

Facebook released a notice in March 2019 stating several million user passwords were kept in a readable unencrypted format on their own internal servers.  However, Facebook maintains that this data was never publicly available or misused and will notify individual users affected by this issue.

Programming Languages Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event on April 2nd 2019

Microsoft will hold the worldwide Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event online on April 2nd 2019.  Visual Studio extensions will also have to be updated for VS2019.

Apps and Utilities Google Smartphones

Google Duo video phone call app

Google Duo is a high quality video phone call app that works with smartphones, tablets, and computers.  It is available using web access with a Google account, and is also available at iTunes and Google Play.

Online help for Google Duo, including setup and making calls, is available here.

Android Web Browsers Wi-Fi

Opera web browser includes free VPN

Opera is currently testing its free VPN service in its Opera for Android browser.   Free VPN is currently available for the Windows and Mac desktop versions of Opera for extra privacy when browsing the web, and it is especially useful when connected to public Wi-Fi networks.

Google Web Browsers

Google urges users to install security updates for Chrome browser

Google has requested that its Chrome browser be updated as soon as possible due to a security vulnerability logged as CVE-2019-5786.   Users should make certain that the installed Chrome version is 72.0.3626.121 or higher.

Android Microsoft Office

Excel for Android beta feature allows you to insert data from photo

Microsoft is currently testing a new Excel for Android feature that will allow you to take a picture of data with your phone or tablet and paste the photo’s data into an Excel worksheet.   Insert Data from Picture is currently being tested by select Office Insider users.


USB4 specification will be released in 2019

The USB Implementers Forum announced that the specifications for USB4 will be released at some time in 2019.   This new USB port will be based on the existing Thunderbolt 3 port.