Facebook Privacy of Data

Facebook app will have more privacy features

Facebook will prompt its users to review their privacy settings within the next few weeks as part of a rollout of new and revised privacy features:

Privacy of Data Security

Avast will end operations for Jumpshot because of user privacy concerns

Avast announced that they have decided to end operations for its subsidiary data analytics company Jumpshot because of public concerns about user privacy.  Avast’s free and paid antivirus software is used by millions of computer and mobile device users.


Microsoft reports access misconfiguration for customer support database

Microsoft reported a data security incident with some of its customer support data.  The issue happened in December 2019 and Microsoft is in the process of contacting the affected users.

Web Browsers

Adobe will no longer support Flash Player in 2021

Adobe will no longer issue updates and distribute Flash Player starting in 2021. They recommend that developers move Flash Player content to newer platforms such as HTML5.