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Apple announces upcoming release of iOS 14

Apple announced the upcoming releases of several new technologies at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2020, including:

Azure Cloud Programming Languages Visual Studio

Visual Studio Codespaces – an online only development environment

Visual Studio Codespaces – formerly known as Visual Studio Online – allows you to create Visual Studio solutions entirely in the cloud across multiple devices.  This development environment is currently in public preview.

Privacy of Data Windows

Windows 10 Activity History privacy settings

Windows 10 Activity History has local records of apps and services in use,  files that were opened, and visited websites.  This information may be periodically sent to Microsoft under the default options.  These settings can be changed and are found at Start Button > Settings > Privacy > Activity History.


Facebook Manage Activity and Photo Transfer Tool

Facebook will soon release a new feature – Manage Activity – that will allow users to archive or delete their user activity in bulk.  Archived items can be still be made available, and deleted items can still be recovered up to 30 days later before they are permanently deleted.

Facebook also has a Photo Transfer Tool that will allow users to transfer their photos in bulk to a new website.  This tool only works for Google Photos for now but other options will become available.