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Windows Terminal is a new application for command-line tool users

Microsoft has announced the upcoming release of its new command line tool application Windows Terminal.  This application for PowerShell and WSL users is currently available for download at GitHub and is also available the Microsoft Store.

More information about Windows Terminal can be found at

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Visual Studio Extensions Marketplace

Extensions for the Microsoft Visual Studio suite of products can be found at  Extensions add support for languages not included in Visual Studio, aid in IDE development, or perform a specific task.

Some current popular extensions are:

Extensions can be free, preview, or paid.  Paid extensions are often charged per user per month.  Preview extensions are eventually converted to paid extensions. Extensions are either written by Microsoft, third party vendors, or individual developers.

More information can be found at

Apps and Utilities PowerShell SQL Server – PowerShell scripts for SQL Server

The open source project allows you to download free PowerShell scripts or cmdlets to help with various SQL Server tasks.  A list of current commands is available at  A keyword search can be done at

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Microsoft PowerShell Core 6.0 runs on multiple platforms

On January 10th 2018, Microsoft announced the release of a new product: PowerShell Core 6.0. PowerShell Core is open-source, built on top of .NET Core (CoreCLR) and runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

More information is available here.