Microsoft Security Essentials and Safety Scanner

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus program for Windows 7 and Vista PCs. It cannot be installed with any version of Windows 8. Windows Defender handles the same functionality within Windows 8.  This security update is available for download at


Microsoft Safety Scanner is a separate free virus scan program that can be downloaded and run once, or as needed. The resulting file is msert.exe, and will expire in 10 days.  It can be downloaded from

Free Database Development Software

Some of the most commonly used free databases include:

Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition only runs on Windows-based PCs, and user database size is limited to 10 GB. This is radically smaller than the paid versions of SQL Server, at 524 petabytes.

MySQL is the popular open source database that is now owned by Oracle. It can run on Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows operating systems. Paid commercial versions with additional support are also available.

Oracle Database Express Edition runs on Windows and Linux operating systems, but the database size is limited.  It can be downloaded from here.

Oracle SQL Developer is a free integrated development that makes it easier to administer both paid and free versions of Oracle databases.

Notepad++ and Large Text Files

Notepad++ is a popular open source editor for text files (TXT, HTML, CSV, XML, etc.), which can be downloaded from

One issue with Microsoft Window’s editor Notepad is that it will automatically wrap data for files wider than 1024 characters. This is true even if Word Wrap is not set on the Format menu. Notepad++ does not have this limitation, To view the file in its correct column width, make certain Word Wrap is not selected on the View menu in Notepad++.

Windows Notepad will also perform poorly with large text files, or may not load them at all. Microsoft recommends using another editor to edit files larger than 45 KB. Notepad++ generally can handle these larger text files, up to about 800 MB or so. For frequent use of very large text files (1 GB or more), you may wish to purchase commercial software such as Ultra Edit. Another option is to import a large text file into a database table, using a database engine like SQL Server.


On startup, Notepad++ will automatically load the last file used in memory. To turn off this feature, select Settings >> Preferences >> Misc. Tab. “Remember current session for next launch” should be unchecked.


Notepad++ can also record and play macros. It can also repeat a macro multiple times. It can can be customized to show coding syntax for various programming languages, and show or hide hidden characters such as line feeds.

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