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Oracle Database 21c and learning resources

Oracle Database 21c has been released with several new features.   This includes Blockchain tables, which is a new type of table that only allows  insert operations. Other enhancements include a new JSON data type and new SQL Function JSON_TRANSFORM.  Oracle has also updated its Database Administrator’s Guide and JSON Developer’s Guide for this database version.

More information about these new features of Oracle Database 21c at its online  documentation site.

Oracle also has a free cloud tier option as well as a free entry-level training program: Oracle Learning Explorer.

Lynda.com offers free online training for participating library card holders

Lynda.com, the online learning platform owned by LinkedIn, offers free training through participating public libraries for library card holders through its Lynda Library program.    The library patron must log in through their local library’s digital resources website and not through the main Lynda.com website.  A full list of Lynda.com courses may be found at lynda.com/sitemap/courses.

Users also have the option to link their LinkedIn Learning and Lynda.com accounts.

Lynda.com content is also available using iOS, Android, and streaming apps.

Small Business Administration (SBA) cybersecurity recommendations

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has made available online tools and resources to help protect small businesses from cybersecurity attacks.  These include: